Friday, September 16, 2011

That Ian Rankin Post

Well, kids, here at ye olde blog we have a teensy wee bit of a harmless crush on Ian Rankin. It has a wee bit to do with the fact that he is the master of Tartan Noir, that we devoured (devoured!!!) the Rebus series, that he is our favourite writer to hear read at festivals, or readings, or pubs, or bookstores
[photographic evidence HERE], that he has written one of the most believable and compelling female characters ever penned by a male pen (Siobhan! Dear god, she is le FABULOUS) and, let's face it, it might have something to with the fact that he is, how do you say it?, ummm SCOOOOTTTTISSHHHHHH!!

notes: new book, The Impossible Dead out in October
other notes: I may subscribe to his e-newsletter only so that the name Ian Rankin shows up in my email inbox now and then (I will neither confirm nor deny that)
other notes to add to previous notes: Ian Rankin is a literary rockstar

Ian Rankin once wrote a guest editorial for the Globe and Mail: the IFOA year that everything was splendidly Scottish!

Anyways,  in honour of Ian at IFOA this year (again! C'est wonderful) and noting that we are completely rescinding any respectability on this *ahem* "literary" blog, I give you .....


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