Tuesday, November 22, 2016



I have, alas, abandoned you again.  But, with good purpose.

I have begun working on an entire new series and I have been traveling and visiting with friends from out of town and working at my day job and watching baseball and editing White Feather Murders and .... OH MY!

A bit of what I have been up to of late:

I went on vacation in ABU DHABI and DUBAI and met some amazing camels !

While there, we saw an amazing production of Les Miserables ( my 15th viewing and my 3rd continent!) on opening night at the Dubai Opera.   The composers, Boubil and Schonberg, were in attendance to celebrate.....


 I saw Cuisine and Confessions  at the Princess of Wales and was flabberghasted by the talent and acrobatics!

My friend visited from British Columbia and we had a fun time exploring Toronto and checking out the amazing sushi!, Le Papillon on Front Street and Cafe Moroc

 My friends Mel, Ben, Kate and I stayed at an adorable B and B in Leaskdale and attended LM Montgomery Day: a conclave of dialogue, lectures and reminiscences at the manse where her husband, Ewan MacDonald,  ministered for years.  We also hit up the amazing bookstore, Heron Books!
I also spent a weekend in Washington, hanging out with some amazing old buildings and statues!

And, in typical Rachel fashion, I have been watching as many Made for TV Christmas movies as time allows!

I am featured at Relz Reviewz today taking you behind the scenes of A Lesson in Love and Murder.   Speaking of which, it is currently on a 1.99 sale on all e-book formats! Grab it while you can HERE

Oh and Conductor of Light is available for FREE pre-order 

Over at Books and Beverages, you have the opportunity to win some Herringford and Watts 

Finally, and something dear to my heart, it is 1 week until my next book releases: a Christmas novella set amidst the magic of made-for-TV Christmas movies and co-written with my friend and author pal, Allison Pittman.

Starring Christmas  features two Christmas romance novellas ( magically connected) for one low price:

Falling for a Christmas Star Sam Medina has finally made it. A last minute casting change finds him en route to Toronto to star in the latest entry of the Serendipity Network’s annual Christmas movie extravaganza, My True Love Gave to Me. Finally, he will have the chance to shake off his reputation for supporting roles as the best friend or kind-hearted barista and prove that he is leading man material.

Merry Strathford is too busy for love. When she’s not pursuing a tenure track position in Medieval Women's studies, she’s serving plum pudding lattes at the Holly and the Ivy CafĂ©. Thus far, the only romance in her life occurs when she falls under the spell of her favourite made-for-TV movies. That is, until Sam Medina walks through the coffee shop door.

Suddenly, both Sam and Merry are living the romance of a Serendipity movie. But life isn't all snowflakes and sugar plums and real life ---and relationships---are far from cookie cutter shortbread.

Lone Star Christmas Lights
by Allison Pittman

Mari Medina is in love…with her neighborhood. She’s converted her historic ancestral home into a cool coffee shop and party space, with an apartment upstairs big enough to share with her mother. It’s a comfortable, safe existence, even if it lacks the spark to fuel her unsuccessful attempts to break into the world of writing romance. Still, she’s always on the lookout for a new taste to bring to her patrons.

Larsen Clarke had everything that comes with a successful career: a luxury apartment, a flashy sports car, and his pick of society women. When hardship strikes his family, he gives it all up, trading for a room in his brother’s home, and a venture into creating craft beer. He’s traded his expensive suit for a plaid shirt, and the only risk he’s willing to take involves bold Texas-based brew.

When Mari and Larsen meet, it’s a collision of retail and romance. She’s looking for a story, he’s looking for himself. Together, they just might find a little lone star magic.