Friday, August 24, 2007

the elusive Alatriste

Okay, so I have been pining for this supposed Captain Alatriste movie since I heard about it ( namely through a chance encounter with a youtube trailer .

But I am beginning to think the bloody thing will never be released in North America.

As with the brilliant Arturo Perez Reverte series, we tend to get more than a little late, I guess it is somewhere lost in translation.

So, we speculate:

did Viggo Mortensen REALLY learn Spanish?

does Diego kiss that girl.... you know, the one that turns all the events on the sidelines and makes life a living hell ?

is the movie as high budget as its excellent website?

I'm dying here people!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

RIP Challenge

HELP! Everyone is starting to get ready for Carl's RIP challenge, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing last year.

But, I don't know what to read!

Please. I want something tingly that I can read by candlelight on a rainy fall night.

Send recommendations my way!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


My god this is a good movie adaptation. The book is serenely beautiful and the movie is ever so uber Victorian and romantic.

So, do yourself a favour and indulge. It is delectable.

And.... I applauded ( along w/ my friend ) when Nathaniel Parker showed up onscreen. I was not expecting it and little treats are what life is about.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Eclipse was so bad, I need some pics of some good guys reading to keep my mind from it.
Thus, I give you
Bookish Dr. Who ( a la David Tennant....eep!)
and Gregory Peck.
Really there is nothing more attractive.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

bad teenie vampire fiction

I am halfway through Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.... and, seeing as Bella is the most spineless, useless, weak and woozy female to ever step off a literary page ( the bit I read of Shopaholic falling nicely in close step behind ) , I am not sure why I am going to finish it.

Maybe I won't.

How OFTEN does one weak-minded female have to be rescued by a charming, strong male?

She gets smothered by being "pressed to his chest" ( I would give a notation for this specific description--- but it is mentioned on every other page so forgive me)

Geez Stephenie Meyer. You are a great person, but there are impressionable minds out there.

Why give so many fourteen year old girls such a backless, weakling as a heroine ?

Work on this .

EDIT: It is official. I will NEVER read another Stephenie Meyer book again. I think it was Edward staking possession ( staking: no pun intended) in front of Jacob with "She is MINE!"

and Bella being too weak minded and possessed to assert that she is, in fact, her own person.

Why are all these guys in love with her? Oh yes. I get it. She's a puppet for them to play with. Every guy wants a damsel in distress.



please read this --- a list of the most commonly over-used things in Teen and YA fiction. Hilarious.

I think she forgot to mention " the incest card"; my friend Karin has not been able to shut up about: " I can't believe Cassandra Claire played the INCEST CARD !! [in City of Bones ] She wrote a YA novel and played the obvious INCEST card!"

It is one of the most hilarious conversations we have. And we have it often.