About Me

Hi! I'm Rachel! I live in Toronto but am from a quaint town called Orillia. I like nautical history, Sherlock Holmes, traveling, Canada and giggling (the giggling is more apparent if I have good company and a pinot grigio in my hand). I also like to write books. When I am not reading or writing or socializing or exploring the fact that I live in the best city in the world, I work in Educational Publishing.  

Book wise:  I have published the Herringford and Watts series with Harvest House 

Starring Christmas (a stand-alone Christmas novella with author Allison Pittman)
Love In Three Quarter Time (Valentine's Day themed novella ) 

next up: The Van Buren and DeLuca series with Harper Collins/ Thomas Nelson (first book releases Summer, 2018)

photo: Agnieszka Smyrska **http://www.smyrska.com/


I am represented by William K. Jensen Literary Agency