Thursday, September 08, 2011

Blogging Through Foyle's War with Rachel and Jess RETURNS


Last night I discovered a word document containing all as-of-yet unpublished "Blogging Through Foyle's War with Rachel and Jess" entries.  I thought it would be great to get them up on the web, as well as edit those that went before in the series.

You can find these episodes listed in my "Series and Features" tab on the blog; but also, click the links here.

I hope you enjoy!  Join in the conversation on what is undoubtedly one of the most stunning experiences ever televised.  A very literary sensibility awaits you as you settle into this thought-provoking, immaculately-researched character piece by famed author Anthony Horowitz.

Episode 1: The German Woman
Episode 2: The White Feather
Episode 3: A Lesson in Murder
Episode 4: Eagle Day

I will add to the links as I post:

Episode 5: Fifty Ships
Episode 6: Among the Few
Episode 7: War Games
Episode 8:the Funk Hole

Joining us occasionally is our mutual friend, Jen.

note: Jessica is from Colorado ( she now teaches and lives in China) and I, of course, am in Toronto.  We communicate across countries ( and now continents).
I adore all Andrew-centric episodes and Jess is very much attached to Milner.

have fun!

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