Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Live Loved: Experiencing God's Presence in Everyday Life

You know those points in life when Christians wish they had a really, really special gift book? Water Baptisms,  Missions Trips, hardships or illness, a young member of the congregation stepping out of the nest and moving to a new town or city for school...

Live Loved is basically the answer to a myriad of these situations.  Superficially, its presentation: (hardcover, complete with ribboned bookmark and page to denote who the gift is for) supplies it the touches needed to sign, with love and share...

On the inside, the book is rapt with the gentle, scripture-based guidance and wisdom we love from Max Lucado and which I also speak to here.

Relevant and amusing anecdotes precede each kernel of love-empowered wisdom ensuring that the reader has the small challenge, mantra or encouragement needed while wrapped in a snuggly cup of hot chocolate or a warm embrace to urge them on.  Insert Lucado's flashes of downright humour (i.e., on Gomer: "She had the fidelity code of a prairie jackrabbit") and your short, devotional-sized readings are complete with the pick-me-up, or jolt of caffeine needed to see you through bleak days.

I cannot think of a person, Christian or not, coming from a wide spectrum of circumstances  who would evade a chance of a daily reminders of unconditional love.  Lucado has a subtle and grace-filled way of presenting the Gospel that makes it easy, accessible, and medicinally just like a spoon-full-of-sugar.

Whether you decide to look this up to give as a gift (really. it makes a good one) or you selfishly (maybe not so selfishly) decide that this would best suit your bookshelf...  fans of Max Lucado and devotees of Devotionals will not be disappointed.

My sincere thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing this book.

You can find it on amazon ( in hardcover or for your kindle!) or chapters.ca
Make sure to visit Max Lucado's website

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