Wednesday, January 11, 2012

in which rachel has watched a few too many episodes of Merlin on Netflix...

Basically, Merlin  in a nutshell----

Teaser: something bad-ass wants to magically infiltrate Camelot and result in ARTHUR dying!


Merlin: I am Arthur's servant and he treats me like dirt; but I still love him and I am cuter than Harry Potter even though we both battle with not liking our destinies because I am humble and have a good attitude; even though everyone thinks I'm a bit of a dolt.

Look at how DAMNED CUTE this kid is! Seriously. Adorkable.

Arthur: Merlin---go polish something so I can JOUST

Guinevere: I don't look like anyone's conception of Guinevere ever and that is why I am awesome. And steadfast of heart. And sorta badass. Throw me a sword.

Gaius: I am wise beyond my years and one of my eyes is funky; I will counsel the king that there is magic in our midst while simultaneously hiding the fact that my much-adored ward Merlin is a SORCERER

Uther Pendragon (looks like Rupert Giles): SORCERY? It is all bad! Let's get some magic-genocide going here. KILL EVERYONE!

Morgana: I have bad dreams wherein I predict bad things: like Arthur dying and bad CGI beasties. I am so totally on my way to becoming Morgan Le Fey


Merlin: OH NO! BAD CGI BEASTIES! ARTHUR DOOMED TO DEATH! I must sacrifice my worthless life for him; but first.... to the dragon!

Dragon: they spent all the CGI budget on me.  I am cool. I prophesy things. I am voiced by John Hurt.  Young Warlock, you must cryptically save Arthur while cryptically accepting this other challenge which will remain cryptic for years to come.

Merlin: I willingly accept this cryptic riddle because I am waaaaaay too nice. Look, my ears! I am cute! someone ruffle my hair and give me ice cream

Knights of Camelot: Arthur, you're a prat! we shall fight said beastie/army/sorcerer to the DEATH

*Arthur assumes it is most likely a fallen branch or a bit of good-luck*
*Merlin smiles happy that Arthur is alive; is momentarily conflicted because NO ONE EVER acknowledges it; but gets over it*


( this show is interchangeable with the BBC Robin Hood ---)


Kailana said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I have to admit I sort of lost interest in this show before even finishing the first season...

Unknown said...

HA! This post had me cracking up!

Anonymous said...

That was so funny! I don't watch the show - I've never been a big fan of Merlin and Arthur etc. - but that was hugely entertaining! Love it!

Charity said...



Enjoyed a few episodes here and there, but in general "Merlin" is a bit too... um, juvenile for my taste.

Gina said...

That review will go down in history as one of THE GREAT REVIEWS OF ALL TIME. Brilliant!

Rachel said...

i love merlin. so silly and so wonderful and so silly! last night--- there be TROLLS!