Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

get the girl
feel a tingle
listen to mozart
take a walk around a moonlit neighbourhood
squint up at streetlights
skip down the stairs
kiss a lady on the hand; a gent on the cheek
hold open the door
eat your weight in cinnamon hearts
lick the icing off of a cupcake
smile twice as big
watch the last five minutes of your favourite BBC miniseries: the part where, after 6 hours and numerous conflicts, the characters share an ecstacy of kiss
feel enraptured
tap music only you can hear on a table top
remember those little cut-out hearts in red construction paper
taste a snowflake on your tongue
remember all the colours of the rainbow
taste cherry lipgloss
paint your world with sparkle
believe in magic and light
love can be found in all corners, under tipped chairs or over seemingly unbeatable odds
chivalry is everywhere: at starbucks, on the subway
romance is a philosophical feeling: of liberated art, music and song
find a loved one
hum the Carpenters ---loudly
swing your arms
feel the world.

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