Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'The Look of Love' by Sarah Jio

I really wanted to love this book. The plot sounded amazing and within the first few pages I knew that it was a read I could sink myself into. I loved our heroine, Jane, and her experiences ( and lack thereof )in the romantic department. I also loved the breath of magic realism that allowed her to experience and see real, true love in all of its forms ( eros, agape, etc., ---get out your greek, kidlets), as per a gift bestowed upon her from birth.

Through a year in her Seattle life, this kind-hearted florist is brought to terms with love: as she experiences it around her and touching those close to her.
Where the book fell apart for me was how long it took for her to see the love in each and how muddily it was typified in the several instances used for example. This was my first Sarah Jio book and I know she is popular and, after this I can see why. She has an easy style and a great way of cutting and pasting the everyday happenstances of live, sprinkling them with a dash of something ethereal and magical and fun. But, this plot just didn't work because of the minimal time allotted each romantic pair, some unbelievable coincidences patched up too quickly at the end and Jane's own romance. I wanted Jane to have some brilliant, mind-boggling chance at love. Instead, I was confronted with a moment or two with a man who leads her into a typical romantic type misunderstanding. [what we have here, people, is a failure to communicate]. Some good lines kept me reading as did the chance at resolution.

The epilogue was a nice touch and Jio excelled at getting into the minds and hearts of each of the several characters spinning in Jane's orbit. But, Jane's personal story wasn't enough to keep me going.

That being said, I sped through this book. It keeps the pages turning. To add, I know that I will be checking out Jio's other books!

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