Friday, November 09, 2012

Novel Crossing: Kinda the 'goodreads" of Christian Fiction

I am a member of Novel Crossing ( which has VASTLY improved over the past month as it readies itself for full launch) and I encourage readers to check it out.

As well as featuring places to click on the books you've read ( and add them to your shelf ), you have the opportunity to write short, one sentence impressions of the book.

I don't know about you guys; but reading so many long rambly reviews ( like mine!) on amazon and through blogs can be tiresome. Sometimes you just wanna get to the heart of the story and a reader's brief impression, n'est pas?

Another feature (which I provided in link form the other day) are exclusive author interviews: some in print form; some in VIDEO form [see the Novel Crossing chat with Rosslyn Elliot]

I've created a profile (I'm Rachel at a Fair Substitute for Heaven if you want to add me to your community) and started the long task of checking off every book I've read from the vast recesses of this web's base (holy crikey! they've hardly missed anything!) ; but I have yet to really devote time finding "friends" to add to my roster.

You can follow Novel Crossing on twitter: @novelcrossing
Find them on Facebook:
and, of course, go STRAIGHT to the site:

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birdienl said...

This looks like a really nice initiative! I registered and am busy, just like you, to add all the books I read to my shelf. It's quite interesting to try and remember what you've read in Christian fiction for the last, say, 15 years! I however, have found (or actually not found) a few books that were missing on their lists. I hope this takes off and it becomes a really nice resource for Christian fiction.

BTW, my name on NovelCrossing is T.Cuperus and I've added you.