Thursday, February 12, 2015

Of Love and Romance: A Plan for Love by Sara Goff

So excited to keep the Love and Romance theme going in honour of Valentine's Day.  Also excited about Sara Goff's upcoming release for WhiteFire

While Sara talks love here, make sure you head over to EIR for the first instalment in Rachel's Reading Life: wherein I talk about Love to Hate 

Now, Sara Goff:

A Plan for Love

I Always Cry at Weddings is about a young woman's search for Love in New York City. I color the story with details from the Big Apple because where we are from and where we choose to live is integral to who we are -- and recognizing our true identity is integral to knowing love. Ava Larson, in her mid-twenties, wants to be loved for who she is, but she hasn't quite figured out who that woman might be, and the purposeful life she longs to live feels like a distant dream.

Ava meets the wrong man in college -- Josh, who appears to be the perfect catch. He has the right family, the right career path, and, yes, the right looks. Straight out of college, she seizes an opportunity for a challenging and coveted position in Bergdorf Goodman corporate buying offices. She's soon to be married and can see a clear path to having her own family. Her coworkers respect her work, and her parents are proud of her decisions. It feels wrong to want more, but she does. A lot more. She wants to do something creative with her life, something that helps or inspires others, and she wants a deeper love from the man she marries.

The secure life she's begun feels as superficial as Second Life, or one of those online reality games, and particularly in her relationship with Josh. His greatest passion in life is keeping up appearances. But then, isn't she doing the same? She's not living true to herself, so naturally her relationship will feel incomplete, as though it's missing the mark. Weeks before the wedding, facing the sacrament of marriage, Ava realizes she can't say her nuptial vows with a lie in her heart. If she commits to the lie now, it will take over her life like an incurable infection.
Have you ever made a leap of faith, leaving behind the life you've known to follow a dream, a calling? She prays that there's another, more honest life out there for her, the right path, a Plan A.

Bette Davis said in the film All About Eve (1950), "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night." Once Ava sets out in Manhattan on her own in I Always Cry at Weddings, you could say, "Fasten your dress. It's going to be a long dance." When faced with many options and obstacles, it’s easy to become confused and discouraged. Luckily, we don’t have to make the journey alone. Ava leaves behind a lifestyle of luxury and finds support from a man in a very gritty corner of the City. From a place you might call 'rock bottom', she learns from her mistakes how to live honestly and how to love unconditionally. 

If you want to know more about God's Plan A, I recommend No Plan B: Discovering God's Blueprint for Your Life by Nelson Hannah. God's Plan A is about making the right choices and fulfilling your potential. Relax. It's not about what you can do, but what you're meant to do with faith in God as your guide.

About ~ I Always Cry at Weddings ~
Ava Larson is going to bring all the other brides to tears.  Engaged to a wealthy NYC socialite's son, Ava is ready to set the city abuzz with her glamorous wedding.  At least until she realizes her relationship isn't what it should be.  Then, in a move as daring as a red satin dress, she does the unthinkable--she calls it all off and makes a promise to God that from now on, she'll save sex for marriage.

She's convinced the future is hers for the taking, especially when an undercover cop promises a new romance...and an unexpected friendship with the homeless guy under her stoop brightens her days.  But when her carefully balanced life teeters out of control, weddings aren't the only thing to make her cry.  Ava has to figure out what life she really wants to live...and what in the world love really means.

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About ~ Sara Goff ~
Sara Goff founded the global educational charity Lift the Lid, Inc. in 2010, which supports underprivileged schools and encourages young people to exercise their creative expression through writing. Formerly a New York City fashion designer/merchandiser, Sara left her seven-year career and resolved to make a difference in the world.

Since then, Sara has been accepted into Sewanee Writers' Conference and received two fellowships to Summer Literary Seminars in St. Petersburg, Russia and Nairobi, Kenya. While living in Manhattan, she especially loved being a writing instructor for Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen Writers Workshop, founded by author Ian Frazier, and for The National Arts Club's creative writing program for students. She's spoken at the Soup Kitchen and at several inner-city high schools and Saint Francis College in Brooklyn about the writing process and the power of the written word.

Sara currently lives in London with her Swedish husband of 14 years, their two sons, ages 0 and 5, and their sweet little girl...a Yorkie named Pia. Her first novel, I Always Cry at Weddings, is a New York City story about figuring out life and finding love.

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Thanks for inviting me on your blog, Rachel! By the way, I'm a huge fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery!!

Roseanna White said...

You too, Sara??? LM Montgomery was my absolute favorite author when I was a pre-teen! I would edit my sister's English papers for her, and she's pay me in LMM books, LOL.

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What a neat cover! :)

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Thanks, Rissi! All credit goes to Roseanna White at WhiteFire Publishing!!

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Oh, LOVED the Anne of Green Gables series, especially! I remember back to my childhood and confuse it with Anne's... THAT'S how much I lived in her world! :)

Elaine Stock said...

Your novel sounds wonderful! Looking forward to reading it.