Friday, October 17, 2014

Short Gush: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

I am currently finishing a detailed official review for Breakpoint's Youth Reads, but in the meantime, I would be remiss if I didn't let you know the book I am crushing on hard this week:  Storm Siren by the delightful Mary Weber

Review snippet:

Ridiculously beautiful prose, reminiscent of the pre-evangelism of Tolkien and chockful of hope, deft symbols and the clash of good and evil,. Storm Siren is smart and snappy. The dialogue is hilarious, the themes of self-harm, penance, power and control are expertly interwoven and the world is crafted perfectly. Stronger for me than the Hunger Games, the first whisper of romance atop a raging war, the clash of elementals, terrenes and vicious villainy were ingenious. This is expertly rendered crossover fiction that is destined to hit the right chord with teens and adults alike. If you like Dystopian works with a gorgeous fantastical twist told with a bitingly perfect sense of humour, look no further

Nym is a sarcastic and whip-smart thing and Eogan is to die for.  Their banter? The stuff that dreams are made of.

This book was provided by the BookLook program at Harper Collins Christian. 

Just because it is a Christian publication doesn't mean it was written JUST for religious folks: if you like fantasy with strong religious emblems like Lewis and Tolkien and even Rowling, then make sure you check this out. 

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