Monday, July 21, 2014

That one time David Marciano followed me on twitter...( this is SO a teenage fan letter)

Once upon a time there was a Canadian girl named Rachel

When Rachel was an early teenager in the 90s, she thought David Marciano was the coolest thing on the planet.

Basically because he played Ray in her favourite show of the time, Due South.  Now Ray was a brilliant character and expertly acted.  And Ray was a romantic and Rachel LOVES romance.

For example:

1.) Ray loved his Buick Riviera! (Sigh... I mean who DOESN'T WANT A BUICK RIVIERA!)
2.)Ray told a story about his parents and how his father fell in love with his mother because she ate cheesecake with a knife and a fork which he thought was just fab
3.)Ray LOVED his city.  HE LOVED Chicago ( which, in Due South, is basically just 1990s-era Toronto, but you get the picture)
4.)Ray had two awesome girlfriends: one was an FBI agent he fell in love with on first sight and would "bet his soul on" and the other was a mafia don's sister---- oh my gosh and they dance to My Foolish Heart and an ex-wife that was played by his real-life wife OMG!

5.)Ray was a nostalgist: he lugged up an old pool table that belonged to his father. Now patriarch of his family and head of the homestead, he wanted to make sure the one memory he had of his absentee father was shared with his friends from work: mainly Benny the mountie and the lieutenant and Huey and Louie.
6.)Ray had a smile that lit up his eyes and transformed his face.  The actor and the character were synonymous... I thought Marciano must be Ray. I was young. HOW COULD HE NOT BE?
Nonsense, of course he was. All the good Ray stuff.
7.)Ray had an awesomely natural laugh.
8.)He also had this way of slightly shrugging his shoulders all innocent when you knew, deep down, he was a force to be reckoned with....
9.) Ray was the best friend ever.  Like he would do ANYTHING.  I like him.
10.) HE WAS THE BEST BIG BROTHER! He really took care of his sister Francesca, even when, like, Colm Feore showed up and was all: I AM PLAYING A TERRORIST
11.) Ray could decide what women he wanted to date by what aisle she shopped in at the grocery store.

Ray + Diefenbaker = EPIC

So, Rachel, knowing that Due South was filmed in Toronto thought that some fortuitous day she would just be walking about on a visit to the city she did not yet live in and bump into him. Because why not. It was her grand destiny.

It was her birthday wish from ages 12-16.. like the kind you do when you wish on stars and stuff ---when all the problems in your kid-universe amount to not finishing your homework.

And all the other girls were like: BRAD PITT! and THAT GUY FROM 'PARTY OF FIVE' and Rachel was like: umm. nope. I wanna meet David Marciano.

It never happened.

So she wrote him into a book that will never see the light of day: about a Broadway musical in Toronto and he played the conductor of the orchestra and he was THE BEST CHARACTER and she figured that it would somehow be published and she would be recognized as a literary prodigy and make a billion dollars from the film royalties....

(also, never happened. But, darnit, David Marciano, did I have a good role for you...)

Look here, Girl From the Matrix, let me find you some good wine because I am Italian and I know how

Then David Marciano followed her on twitter.   And it's ridiculous how giddy it made her. So giddy she started talking in the third person and wrote an ENTIRE blog post about it.

Because the internet is fabulous and her early teenage self could not have fathomed that this is the world she would someday live in...

A world that is bright and wonderful full of travel and opportunities and culture and art, where she lives in the city that occupied her mind in the 90s, where David Marciano found an awesome role on Homeland ( a show she doesn't watch, but nods respectfully at )

and where David Marciano follows her on twitter.
I've had the opportunity to meet many celebrities and interact with several on social media.  But this one wins.

This one is the coolest. Of all Time.

so, tables turned, who is your favourite Social Media run in?


Sunflower Farms1 said...

David Marciano hands down....... and Kristin Booth..... In that order!

Hannah Long said...

Well, besides writing and getting a response from a British actor from one of my favorite shows in the 1970s (Christopher Strauli in Raffles - frankly, I would've preferred a message from the dreamy protagonist of the same show, Anthony Valentine - but I haven't tracked him down. Also, he's like 70, which I try not to think about.), my inner nerd was quite happy when Eric Metaxas shared one of my blog posts a week or two ago. Five or six years back, pre-teen Hannah Long would have been ecstatic that a Published Author Who Met the President would be reading something she wrote. Also somewhat terrified.

I'm working on getting a retweet from David Suchet. That would fulfill pretty much all my childhood dreams.

Rachel said...

ERIC METAXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this counts, but while we are on the topic, my dad worked on a book with Eric Metaxas.