Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random 'White Collar' post

happier times
Public Notice:This post has nothing to do with books....

Remember a few months ago when the season 3 finale of White Collar  aired and I had to air my personal grievances on ye olde blog?

Houston, we have a problem.  Did you guys see this week's episode?! Did you! DID YOU SEE IT! Did you see the two-parter that kick-started Season 4?

AHHHhhhhhhhh asdfasdf jaksdlf; jakdl fjakdsl UAAAUUGHHHHHHHH!

my heart! 

I can't.... I can't..... I just......

Don't worry about spoilers here, I am too emotionally distraught ....

all I have to say is PETER BURKE FOREVER

dsafjksdlfj aklsdf jkasld! the treasure map! 

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*incoherent message truncated because I melted into a puddle*

if these two aren't together, my faith in the world is lost. LOST, i say!


Rissi said...

I just finished S3 (loved it!!!) and though I won't see S4 until next summer, I have EVERY faith that somehow Neal and Peter will still be working together.

Unknown said...

Peter Burke forever and ever amen!!! :)