Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Arthur Slade and the E-Book Industry on LE RADIO

Fair readers, you all know that we subscribe to the school of All Things Arthur Slade. He is, as you know, Canada's best YA novelist ( at least in my awesome opinion) and a personal favourite of mine. As someone who works in the publishing industry (albeit on the educational side), I find Slade's consistent fascination and experimentation with the tenets of Canadian publishing appealing. That, and he does Skype visits to lucky classroom children across the globe.

Without further ado, I give you Arthur Slade on the Radio (once again proving he has the EXACT same speaking voice as my high school drama teacher--whom I liked, so that's a good thing):

->Go to CBC Sunday Edition Website here
->Search under the Hour One paragraph and click midway through the black box there ( past all that asbestos exports stuff--- though that is interesting, too, if you are so inclined).

Slade speaks to his infatuation with Star Wars and how it triggered his imagination so acutely he began writing screenplays, teleplays and short, self-proclaimed "gory" stories.

As per always, most resonant of the Slade written agenda are the glorious glades of the Cypress Hills in rural Saskwatchewan.  This landscape informs so much of his fictional backdrop (he speaks to pouring poison down gopher hills in his youth---this guilt perhaps exorcised in Jolted) from Dust to Megiddo's Shadow.

He speaks to his respect for W.O. Mitchell, his over-active imagination and how his favourite librarian was a bit of a Google search engine for him ( especially when it came to hunting down books on medieval torture devices...)

He even speaks of Iron Maiden, his favourite "literary" band...

It's a veritable smorgasbord of fun.

Yes, he talks to the e-book thing.


  1. Listen to Arthur Slade ( as mentioned)
  2. Go to his website
  3. Read this amazing blog entry (funniest author blogpost ever)
  4. and buy ALL of his books (e-book or otherwise)


[Funny story: I once had a blog reader comment and ask me what my commission was and if he could hire me to promote his new book the way I promoted Arthur Slade around the web.
Sooo funny...
I just like promoting Canadian writers (especially the good-natured and talented ones)


Court said...

I don't have an ebook reader and some of his older ones are no longer in print. I am le sad. :(

Rachel said...

you can read them on your laptop! :-)

Kailana said...

lol Arthur Slade is lucky to have you. :)

Rachel said...

... more like i think he wants a new fan.

in the lines of "dear universe, can I substitute crazy, hyper blonde from ontario for a real, somber, serious reader? yah thanks."

Unknown said...

The cheque is in the mail! I've bumped it to 20% of royalties. And a free bookmark.

Court...am working at getting those older books into print.

Rachel said...

you had me at free bookmark...