Thursday, March 04, 2010

a DICKENS meme! ( is it my birthday? )

thanks to our friend, Dickensblog because this is super duper fun......

Which Dickens character are you secretly in love with? Secretly? There is no secret. I am in love with so many. Alright, Arthur Clenham ( Little Dorrit ), Sydney Carton (A Tale of Two Cities), Mortimer Lightwood (Our Mutual Friend), Herbert Pocket (Great Expectations) and, of course, Alan Woodcourt (Bleak House)

Which Dickens character would you most like to be? Amy Dorrit (without the poor house past ) so I could run away with Matthew MacF....erm... Arthur Clenham ( see 2008 BBC series)

Which Dickens character do you think most resembles you? That is a tough one! So many to choose from. There are elements of myself in so many characters. I certainly identify with Bella's (Our Mutual Friend ) need for security and I have definitely had an unrequited crush on an older guy (a la Little Dorrit). Maybe I'm Agnes (David Copperfield)

Which Dickens book have you read the most times? GREAT EXPECTATIONS (like, once a week. I have an emergency copy at the office. 'Tis pathetic).

How old were you when you read your first Dickens book?erm..... 12-13

What is the worst Dickens book you've read? OMG. Did anyone like Dombey and Son? Seriously? Anyone? Shoot me.

What is the best Dickens book you've read? This is SO hard because they all mean something so special to me and I connect with so many on different levels. Then, there is the fact that they each evoke a certain emotion and moment in my life and characters I identify with and they reflect my mood at different times. I have a Dickens book for each temperament. That being said, last year I decided once and for all to pick a Favourite Dickens--- because I get asked this ALL OF THE FRAKKIN' TIME ( being a Victorianist and all) and my response is now, solidly, Great Expectations. I go further into my passion for GE over on my Christian fiction blog ( scroll down past the Meissner book)

What Dickens book would you most like to see made into a new movie and/or miniseries? Please dear god I was hoping they would do a decent Great Expectations. I have liked elements of numerous adaptations but they have never quite got it right, y'know?

What Dickens book would you least like to see made into a new movie and/or miniseries? Dombey and Son --- because I would have to shoot myself. Stupid. Stupid. D and S.

What is the most difficult Dickens book you've read? Little Dorrit --- it was assigned in a fifth year specialist course in Uni. that was JUST on Dickens. I wasn't in the mood. But, I seriously love it. Like, seriously.

What is your desert island Dickens book? what? Just one? Great Expectations.

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An emergency copy at the office?? That is AWESOME! :-)