Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Blogging through Foyle's War with Rachel and Jess: the superficial Julian Ovenden edition

You all find me in the midst of some epic Western Canadian travels for work. I write this from my hotel room in Edmonton, AB.

So, Blogging Through Foyle's War with Rachel and Jess** shall continue --as I find time to upload all of our goodies and our brilliant dissections of this miraculous television show.

But as I prepare and format, I want to leave you with something also very important to anything Blogging Through Foyle's War: the superficial Julian Ovenden edition----complete with Julian Ovenden's smoother-than-Starbucks-caramel-frappucino-singing voice (CLICK HERE TO HEAR). Yum.

I mean: who knew that Andrew Foyle took singing lessons on the weekend when he wasn't flying his spit? Not I.
But, DARNIT ---they sure paid off! Hats off to the Hastings constabulary for supporting this wonderment of music and song....
( the fact that he is good-looking, I assure you, has NOTHING to do with this post---- nothing! Nothing whatsoever in my superficial little mind... NOTHING--- I mean!, I don't even notice his smile [who would] or his eyes or the fact that he cleans up nice in his RAF uniform or the fact that he has a delicious accent or.....)
*blog truncated because I turn into puddle of goo*
**note: this post is a little more Rachel and a little less Jess---she's on a cruise right now, don't feel too badly for her---she's more of a Milner girl anyways....

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