Thursday, September 24, 2009

twitter me this batman

I love books! I like spending the majority of my life talking about books. I do so at my job ( I work with books ) with my friends ( who all love books---if they don't, I either find new friends or make them love books) at home, through my other job ( which also involves books).

I am an effusive reader with an extrovert, effervescent personality.....



Right now my favourite author on the planet ( I have not felt this way about any one since LM Montgomery, it is THAT serious) is Lynn Austin.

You can read more about Lynn at my other blog which is all Christian fiction. You see, chickadees, that is what Lynn Austin writes: Christian Fiction.

now, I know you are all squirming in your computer chairs and I don't blame you: Christian fiction can be a scary thing. I, however, seem stuck with it. It is part of my make-up, my heritage, and I spend the better part of my life attempting to find the jewels; the diamonds in the rough.

Lynn Austin is a demm'd good writer: whether you are Christian, atheist, druid, etc., etc.,

Reading her I sometimes feel as if I am staring in a mirror and everything I believe is imposed eloquently back upon me.

if THAT doesn't give the reader in the midst of such experience chills then I don't know what will.

To show my ARDENT AUSTIN LOVE! I am tweeting the heck out of L'Austin until the release date of Though Waters Roar next Tuesday.

So, if you are on twitter and want to see me make a gushin and completely idiotic, slack-jawed, wide-eyed FOOL of myself, c'mon down.

[I even made a hashtag ---erm----well ---Court made the hashtag]

p.s. APPARENTLY the new Austin has ....get this....suffragettes! Triple.Word.Score.

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