Sunday, September 06, 2009

Book Trailers are Dumb

A few random things:

  • Book Trailers are Dumb. I have never seen a convincing one. Libba Bray in a cow suit may be the one exception ( see it here)
  • Meg Cabot's blog is far better than any of her books
  • The two authors whose books I am most excited for any given year ( pre-order; check continually on for updates on release dates etc., ) are:
  • 1.) Catherine Webb --- whose Horatio Lyle series is by far my favourite thing in contemporary YA
  • 2.) Martha Grimes --- whose Richard Jury series is the best part of any book year
  • Scott Lynch needs to come up with ONE release date for Republic of Theives and stick to it
  • I should learn Spanish---if only to be able to read Arturo Perez-Reverte's Alatriste series without having to wait for translation
  • I may have bought the first Charles Finch novel because he looked nice in his photograph

1 comment:

Court said...

Just rewatched the Going Bovine things and it's reminded me how much I want to read that book.

Also - Glee starts on TV this week. So excited. Think you would like it too.