Sunday, August 09, 2009

the thinking girl's guide to ....William Wilberforce

Can't get enough of the moralist/abolitionist/theologian extraodinaire "nightingale" of 18th/19th Century parliament?
see here and here

you can go right to the source by reading his own work

This Christian hero has been well-profiled in recent years with a popular:


and a few wonderful biographies:

I am currently reading the most recently published biography by William Hague. It is exceptional. Though Eric Metaxas ( who I rave about in this entry) wrote an excellent biography, Hague digs more deeply into the political climate of the time period and offers, if possible, a more objective perspective on Wilberforce's strong Christianity.

Hague has previously written a biography on Wilberforce's erstwhile opponent and close friend William Pitt the Younger which should appeal to those interested in Wilberforce and his circle.

Christian fiction is fun and a great escape but I also like reading Christian history and I can think of few subject matters more influential and with greater, more impacting ripples on our current society.

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