Monday, August 03, 2009

The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn by Liz Johnson

publisher: Steeple Hill Love Inspired (Harlequin)

rating: ***

(Mac)Kenzie Thorn teaches GED classes to the inmates at her local prison. A rewarding position, Kenzie finds her forte is taking control of her classroom and inspiring those in an unfortunate circumstance to reach their full potential.

In fact, Kenzie gets along with most of her class----until Myles Parsons arrives.

Cocky, arrogant and good-looking, Myles doesn't fall as easily into Kenzie's hands. Beguiled by his blue eyes and his renegade ways, Kenzie cannot decide whether to be infatuated---or infuriated---by this new inmate.

And it's not like she has a lot of time to ponder....

Kenzie's grandfather Mac is running for Governor while convincing Kenzie to take a "safe" job as an elementary school teacher.

But Kenzie--capitilizing on the spicier facet of her spicy and sweet personality---enjoys the challenge of her inmates----even Myles Parsons.

When Myles kidnaps Kenzie and spirits her away in her own car--- Kenzie is terrified.

But how horrible a kidnapper can Myles possibly be? The cabin he stows her in is populated by his grandmother and he saves her from a mountain lion.....

Myles swears he is an FBI agent---but Kenzie is unsure.

Soon, they pair together in an adventure that spirals into a surprising climax---- which hits far too close to home to Kenzie.

All the while ...falling in love.

This was my first Steeple Hill Love Inspired novel and I enjoyed it. Johnson knew her characters intimately and wrote them confidently---as if she had plotted the story carefully for a long time. Moreover, I felt she was directly talking to me---with a bit of a smirk ---denoting something she knew that I didn't ---as of yet....

...a tantalizing way to write.

There was some italicized prayer in the novel that may have been omitted----but that is the style of this kind of book.

My one criticism is how quickly the events catapulted into place. I would have enjoyed the suspense of having Kenzie ( still thinking herself the victim of a kidnapping ) and Myles (the kidnapper/FBI agent ( or so he says) stuck in an awkward position with simmering chemistry betwixt them.

Instead, the cabin scenes reflected on the cover are soon over---making way for a road trip which, while exciting, might have proven even more fun with a little more Kenzie/Myles relationship development.

A great book for the cottage!

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Liz Johnson said...

Oh, dear, I'm such an offender of the italicized prayer! If only I'd read your blog before I wrote my book! :) I'm glad to get away with a rating of 3 anyway. :) Thanks for your review, friend.