Tuesday, April 28, 2009

allow me to redirect you....

I know that some people still visit here which is fantastic. Thanks !

I am, for the time being, primarily devoted to the upkeep of The Thinking Girl's Guide to Christian Fiction.

This is something I have always wanted to do and I hope I can continue to sift through Christian novels to find the gems amongst large piles of ....well.... not gems.

I am very dedicated to the success of that blog. Hope you will visit there and maybe shed some preconceived notions regarding the Christian genre.

I confess I will rarely be back here as my gig as a YA book reviewer and now my propensity to blog at my other site will keep my spare time at a minimum.

however, do not rule me out. On Special Occasions, I shall return.

After all, there will be new Derek Landys and Arthur Slades and Catherine Webbs and I would not deprive this blog of my loud and effervescent squeals of joy over some of my favourites ~

but that will be sporadic.

happy reading, all!

For the Record: I still read lots of fiction in a variety of genres ( as always) so don't sit there thinking: poor girl. Gave up a life of good reading to read nary but Christian prose from now on.

not the case.


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Kailana said...

lol I know you still read. :) I probably should read your other blog and get passed my preconceived notions, huh?