Sunday, December 07, 2008

got Dickens?


  • Saw The Sound of Music. Magnificent. The new production ( as produced and revamped by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber ) was more than worth the price of admission
  • Saw this year's National Ballet production of The Nutcracker at the Four Seasons Centre
  • the temperature dropped ( and dropped )
  • fair Toronto got snow
  • Read Midnight Magic by Avi
  • watched Dead Poets' Society

But, the most exciting thing in my world right now is the fact that glorious TVO has a headstart on Masterpiece Theatre and is showing the new ITV Dickens' Season starting with The Old Curiousity Shop .... HUZZAH

Next week, Oliver Twist.

Just like the Jane Austen Season of yore... only better.

Lots of carols to sing in church tonight! Woot!


Kailana said...

I am getting a collection hardcover Dickens novels for Christmas. I am right excited! He is one of my favourite classic authors. I wonder if I can watch this on television... Must do some searching. :)

Christina said...

Is this "Old Curiosity Shop" a repeat? It looks vaguely familiar...
Dickens and Christmas go so well together! And Dickens is my favourite author, too, though I must say I am utterly confused about the final episode of "Little Dorrit" that was on BBC last night. After weeks of waiting for the secret to be revealed, I didn't understand it at all.
"Little Dorrit" was good but it wasn't as gripping as "Bleak House."