Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Dear American film companies,

I know that you feel you need to film the Hulk movie in my city because it is cheaper or what have you. But that does not mean you should be able to litter our perfectly fine Torontonian streets just to make it look more gritty and authentic. Just because you are a litter-filled grimeland, why must you bring it here and deem it "set pieces"

I have never seen so much junk on Yonge street...erm...I'm sorry, the sign now reads W 25th street.

And just because you are covering our Dundas Square signs with signs that better reflect the American locations in your film, everyone will know ( as they always do ) that nothing is ever filmed in LA or Chicago or New York....it's all done in Toronto and passed off as American.

Take the extra, over-filled trash cans you are authentically placing on my sidewalks, the stacks of cardboard boxes and the extra tissues and coffee cups, your signs and your streetnames and GO HOME! I have to get to school and while I am a full supported of Eric Bana, everyone is ON TO YOU !

we all know everything is Toronto.

Get your own city..... the real one, perhaps. That way you wouldn't have to litter. It'd be right there.

Rant Over.


Court said...

Let us go to THEIR cities and change their street signs! See how they like it.

Anonymous said...

my sympathies

Anonymous said...

Filming can be so frustrating. btw I'm American and live near LA and get detoured A LOT because of filming so they do some of it here. ;)

I can so relate to the trash. Last year, they filmed an insurance commercial here and turned part of our downtown into New Orleans. We still have trashed cars, house parts, etc from it that they never picked up.

I hope they have things back to normal for you soon!