Saturday, September 29, 2007


Guess what I just cracked open?!?!

The first chapter of Exit Music the new ( and perhaps last ) Rebus novel by my perennial favourite/celebrity author/Scottish crush Sir ( knighted him myself after I knighted Robert Lindsay) IAN RANKIN

I love that feeling. You know THAT feeling.... when you have waited for eons for a new book and it finally comes in, you stroll with it protectively under your arm to the cash desk, you gladly shove over the money ( heavily discounted, if you work in the profession I do ), and almost skip home anxious to open the first page.

In you favourite reading chair. Cup of cider. Lamp on. Rain soft outside.

This is perfect.

I love this moment.

I usually speed through Rankin once I get my warm up, but I always savour the very first chapter, chew it over and take deep breaths. I hope he writes more.

There is no feeling like the beginning in all of the world.

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