Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sir Ian: my celebrity author

So, we all know I have a thing for Ian Rankin. Not surprising. Have forever. It's a little bit of the sense of humour, a little bit of the accent, a little bit of the fact that he is one male author who has created an absolutely believable female character in the figure of Siobhan, a little bit of the fact that I got to touch his sleeve.

Authors are my celebrities, so seeing Ian for me is like some squealy girl seeing Johnny Depp.

Ian Rankin IS my author celebrity. I know you all have one. Whether it be Oppel or Patterson ( god help you if it's Patterson) or Neil Gaiman ( in which case I completely understand).

Now, Sir Ian and I have quite a history: he shows up in Toronto every year or so to sign something somewhere and I go to see him.... often with a couple of other people...sometimes by myself. Sometimes, if you are extra lucky, you get two for the price of one.... such as the IFOA reading when Sir Ian AND Peter Robinson were at the same table....

or, don't even GET ME STARTED on the now legendary round of Bouchercon that I didn't make but that I heard lots about.

I knighted him. I go and see him. He plays xs and os in my book and writes Slainte and signs his name and I smile. Broadly.

So, this year I was delighted to hear that our friend has a day named for him. Yes, Torontonians, October 17th is now IAN RANKIN day!

This is a good thing.


Kailana said...

haha, cute. I am glad I am not the only Canadian that does not like Margaret Atwood! I also have never read Ian Rankin before, maybe I will have to. :)

Anonymous said...

This was a hilarious post. I shall quote you back at yourself to demonstrate. Ahem.

"...a little bit of the fact that I got to touch his sleeve."

"Her only reprieve is the fact that while she writes the same female victim narrative over and over again and has really bad author photos she does not, to the best of my knowledge, seem obsessed with italics."

You make me happy.