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Brief physical description: Ray DeLuca
Ray is medium height ( the exact same height as Jem Watts. I wanted to make them equals in every way). He has dark black hair, long lashes and black eyes and always has ink on his fingers.   His ears stick out a little bit and his nose is not quite patrician, but close. He’s several years older than Jem so he is just starting to show a bit of grey at the temples.

Resembles: the DeLuca smile is definitely actor Chris Messina’s.  When I was first plotting the book, I had watched a film called The Giant Mechanical Man and I thought: there is a guy with an interesting smile ( it helped that he wears a bowler hat in it)   Not conventionally handsome, not someone who would stop you in your tracks; but who has a really dazzling smile when it’s full on. Ray doesn’t full on smile that often but when he does….  Jem falls off her chair

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths:  Ray provides for his sister and his nephew sacrificing a lot of his salary and his attempts at finding personal happiness to take care of them.  Ray is a remarkably quick learner and picked up English fairly quickly when he arrived in Canada. Like Jasper Forth, he has strong convictions and believes in Jem and Merinda as equals deciding they can do anything they put their mind to.   Ray has a heart for injustice and the immigrant community and proves it by often undertaking long muckraking stints in prisons and flophouses to excavate some of the dirt therein and publish it publicly in the Hogtown Herald. Ray is also a romantic and a dreamer.  His dream is to work for the Globe and Mail. 

Weaknesses:  Ray has a temper.  He also writes terrible poetry ( but I think it only sounds terrible in English--- in his native language, I am sure we would all swoon).
Jemima is a major weakness for Ray ( but also his strength), their relationship is a guiding force of the entire series.

Your inspiration for the character: Like Watson and Mary Morstan, I wanted Jem Watts to find a love interest. Initially, I thought to create a police officer for her.  But, then I got this idea for a reporter. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the city and who fights injustice through words.  The more I spent time fleshing out Ray (who am I kidding, the guy started taking over the book), the more I recognized that he represents everything I love about my city.  He is an emblem of its progress and change, its perseverance and the immigration and multiculturalism that makes the city so unique.

Jasper Forth

Brief Physical Description:  Jasper is tall and broad-shouldered ( over 6 feet) he has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He is handsome in a boy next door kind of way. He especially looks dashing in his police uniform.    Note: Jasper is from Maritime Canada so he has a bit of an East Coast lilt to his voice.


(With most of the characters I have a really specific idea of what they look like based on my imagination; but with Jasper he is definitely British actor Andrew Buchan. When I first thought of him, I thought this fellow has to have an open, honest face. A face like Andrew Buchans.)

Strengths and weaknesses  

Strength: Jasper is a loyal friend –especially to Merinda. He believes in her completely no matter what society would say to her detriment as a lady detective. He is good at his job and is forever getting promotions before getting demoted thanks to helping Merinda out.  Despite his stints back on the King Street traffic beat, he will always find a way to help out.  He is also an honest cop in a corrupt police force: something that is explored more and more throughout the rest of the series.    He will do anything to protect his friends and find justice.

Weakness:  Jasper’s primary weakness is Merinda. He has been in love with her since they were at university and he will do anything to please her—even if it means getting in trouble.  He is also a very nice fellow. While he is very competent at his job, it can mean he is subject to teasing. Ray tells him that there are different kinds of strengths but the strength Jasper has is one of conscience and character and this is sometimes underappreciated by Chief Henry Tipton

Your inspiration for the character:   I wanted Merinda and Jem to have a connection with the police force and because Merinda is such a strong personality I wanted to pit her against a man who is very much like her friend Jem in so many ways. I love a man who is dedicated to one woman and who has been saving his salary for years for a home and family.  I also think Jasper represents the morals and ethics of the story in the most traditional way.   He will always follow the letter of the law.  Finally, I wanted a counterbalance to Ray, and an opposite to Merinda.  Jasper brings out a softer spot in Merinda in several instances (stay tuned) much as Jemima does. 

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Lindsay said...

I can't wait to read this book! It sounds like a lot of fun. I've loved Sherlock Holmes since I was about 10. I think I had a bit of a crush on him. So this book sounds exciting!

Pam K. said...

I like heroes who are not only physically strong and good looking, but also strong in character. They may not always start out that way, but I would hope that through circumstances their character may develop and strengthen.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Rachel! I love how you've incorporated our Canadian culture and that influence in your characters.
Having lived in PEI and NB I can just hear that accent in your descriptive.
Which is also what I love about what makes a strong hero; it's how you, as an author, convey the hero to the reader. Their thoughts and actions will reveal strengths if there or if developing in the plot. How you write the hero's strengths, their choices and actions in situations that disclose their inner man. Justice is huge for me. And any man who stands up for a woman is a hero!
Thanks for writing, Rachel. I am so proud of you as a fellow Canadian and have requested my public library add you to their shelves to introduce you to a larger audience. I've also pinned the giveaways as I find them HERE and to the annual Canadian Book Challenge board HERE
All blessings...
Sharon frm the Prairies <3

Anonymous said...

I love the way you have thought out the character traits of these men. I love reading about strong men I can admire for strength of character, even under adversity. I like reading about how the character develops, especially with cleverness and spiritual insight. I do not enjoy reading about male characters with nothing to admire about them. Thanks for showing us characters we can admire!

Caryl Kane said...

Rachel, thank you for creating these multi-faceted characters! They make the story so much richer. I can't wait to read this book. :)

Unknown said...

Rachel, I look forward to reading your books . I love reading books where the characters develop as stronger people. They make for such a rich character with character development.

Cnnamongirl at aol dot com