Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Some amazing books are releasing today!

Check them out!

A wildly entertaining and realistic contemporary romance set in New Zealand and with a brilliant Tolkien twist.  Kara Isaac's assured debut Close to You  is cerebral whimsical snark and is a firecracker new addition to her genre

Painstaking historical research coupled with a mesmerizing narrative, Promised to the Crown features three remarkable ( and remarkably different) filles du roi: navigating life, love and hardship in 17th Century New France

Flickers finds Slade back in Dust mode: with a creepy vintage feel and things that go bump in the night. A harrowing, haunted look with a cinemascope feel and a perfect 1920s atmosphere, he remains my favourite Canadian YA voice.

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Kailana said...

Oh, no! I did my preorders for the year and I missed FLICKER!!!!!! Off to remedy right now!