Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A few Davinier shots

I loved Belle so much I saw it twice ( read my review here ).

A big part of why I loved the film so much was the hero who is just a totally Rachel-approved hero and one half of one of my favourite movie love stories in an age.

Seriously, it has been awhile.  Anyways. so I found you some pictures of Belle and John Davinier and you can go and gush and swoon.  SWOON


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Elisabeth Allen said...

Oh ... I've heard so much about "Belle"! A biography of the girl who inspired the story has just been released here complete with pictures from the film on the cover. The story sounds beautiful and inspiring, but it's sometimes hard to tell from "professional" reviews what a film is really like. I enjoyed reading your thoughts here (having just read your review of "So Fair a Lady" on Colonial Quills), so thank you for sharing! :)