Monday, May 26, 2014

a bunny in a bookstore

One of my best friends got married on the weekend in gorgeous Port Hope, Ontario.  Port Hope has some great architecture and history ---and was even home to Joseph Scriven who wrote the hymn "What a Friend we Have in Jesus"

Another awesome thing? The venue for Jess' wedding played the role of Kingsport Ladies' College in Anne of Green Gables and its sequel. (Remember stupid Jenn Pringle? ) Because so much of the Anne movies and Road to Avonlea are filmed in gorgeous little towns around Toronto, I should start a walking tour business. Sorry, people, PEI is not used as much as you think it is....   here is a look at how Port Hope was used in the Anne movies 

It also has some great bookstores. Gryphon Books always has a little bunny hopping around and my friend and I made Bambi the bunny's greater acquaintance while book browsing
 best book  bunny EVER

Bambi loves books

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