Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinterest and my Novels

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I have a Pinterest account now ( I am, like, the last person alive to get one ) and I love all of the pretty pictures; but mostly I like that I can capture the essence of my first novel, A Sound Beyond Hearing and the novel I am currently working on,  More Worthy of Heaven.

The first title is taken from Hugh MacLennan's Barometer Rising: the definitive fictional work on the Halifax Explosion of 1917.  But, ASBH is set during a time when the world was rife with several interesting events. Under Arthur Currie, the Canadians were forging forward on the frontlines in Belgium and France as part of the Great War, and the looming impact of the Titanic sinking was still breathed and whispered among the residents of Halifax.

Halifax was a major seaport--thrust into livelihood and industry with the war as the ships prepared to go overseas.  The Americans had just joined a war we had been fighting since 1914 and our Prime Minister granted the right to vote to some women...but not all.

I hope that the pictures give you a bit of the essence of the time period.  It was a very, very exciting historical period culminating in the largest man made explosion in history (Which, later, would ironically help in the creation of the atomic bomb).

The American connection to the Halifax story is also quite interesting. Boston sent tons of aide --carte blanche---and several nurses and doctors. To this day, Haligonians send a Christmas tree to Boston ever year to commemorate their help in the days following the explosion.

I have just started work on my second novel of this thematic series entitled More Worthy of Heaven  a line taken from Longfellow's poem Evangeline about the Expulsion of the Acadians in the 1750s and the diaspora to Louisiana and the beginning of the Cajun culture ( the term Cajun is derived from Acadian).

There is so much flavour to the
Acadian history in Nova Scotia and my characters eventually make the trek from their home in Eastern Canada to Louisiana and experience the temperamental climate changes from the crisp sea air to the murky, boggy swamps of the Louisiana marshlands as they traipse their culture and folklore to a new world.

I hope someday to share these stories fictionally with you.  And, to help you learn about some lesser-known but fascinating tenets of Canadian history and how they influenced American culture.

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