Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Which I am Over at Tag(g)lines

So, there is this gal named Melissa Tagg whom I love because I have an inkling her fiction is going to re-imagine familiar screwball tropes of the classic hollywood age in modern-Chicklit

Anyways, I am over at her blog today waxing not-so-eloquently about Neil MacNeill and how he is, well, the greatest hero in all of Christian fiction. Ever.

Get your 'Christy' on, kittens and check out my blog post at Tag(g)lines

Come by and comment and have a blast!


a.) the book is better than ANY series (and better than any cover they slap on it
b.) Neil MacNeill, David and Christy= the Love triangle to end all love triangles
c.) DAVID GRANTLAND NEVER BRINGS his A-GAME (buddy, no wonder Neil beats you to the girl)

UGH! I can't even hold up this stupid tree 

Now you're all: wait! I kinda wanna watch clips from the CBS series now! RATS!

And I'm all: dude! got your back, yo!

There are youtube videos galore dedicated to JUST Neil and Christy's arguments

knock yourselves out:

Melissa's debut novel with Bethany House, Made to Last, is available for pre-order on amazon

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Unknown said...

Rachel, thank you SO much for your fabulously fun post today. I LOVE it. I hope we can convert women everywhere to the merits of Dr. MacNeill.

And thanks for the shout-out for Made to Last, too.