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Litfuse Blog Tour: Secretly Smitten

Just in time for Valentine's Day, romance lovers have the chance to steal away to the idyllic little logging town of Smitten. Therein, they'll find lampposts wreathed with twinkle lights, a main street with charming old-fashioned shops, a delightful cast of quirky characters and three sisters---and a mom--- who get a chance at love.

Kristin Billerbeck, Colleen Coble, Denise Hunter and Diann Hunt whisk you away in four separate but intertwining vignettes about four prospective relationships.

Think of it like a box of chocolates with a creamy centre.  The outside of the box features the girls' attempt to unravel the mystery of a pair of dog tags found in their grandma's attic and late of the Vietnam War.  This charming mystery provides the outer layer, inside, you can pick and choose whatever your favourite treat, bite in and taste the confectionary delight of four very different but very charming romances.

My favourites included the budding relationship between sweet widower Ryan ( who, ladies, runs the ice cream parlour in town and makes a mean chocolate fudge sundae) and Tess --- whose curves and outgoing demeanour and large heart make it hard for her to believe she will find true love. Especially with someone as handsome as Ryan ( even though she's secretly pined for him for years).

Zoe is eager to help skim off the shyness of her townspeople by creating and marketing a chance for them to get to know each other in a social and romantic setting. Cupid's Arrow seems the perfect match-making service but, unfortunately, William Singer is worried about how the enterprise will mar the perfect town and city regulations and codes he is so set on observing.

This book and its lovely little stories remind me very much of the saccharine fare of the Hallmark television movies (that even though I good-naturedly mock, I obviously enjoy) and that is just what we all need during this month dedicated to love and romance! So get some dark chocolate, pour yourself a sweet glass of pinot and sink into these light and lovely stories.

From  a stylistic viewpoint, I must admit that I was impressed with the way that four different authors with four completely different voices were able to weave together a stories that while quite different, stitch together quite seamlessly.

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