Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bell Let's Talk Day

Readers of the blog know I have never shyed away from being open about my struggle with anxiety and  OCD. I am one of the lucky sufferers who, though I will always have to cope in some way, has largely overcome it and have been able to function as a successful, happy human being :)

That's not without a lot of work and frustration on my part, and the part of health professionals, and not without a lot of challenges and hurdles.

I am one of the fortunate few. Millions suffer from Mental Illness without diagnosis, recognition, or a chance to resolve their situation and receive the help they need. More still, millions suffer in silence. To add, there is still a stigma nationally that separates this legitimate illness from the "easier to identify" illnesses which plague people.

....It's like having a broken arm and not wearing a sling. The pain is there, the medical problem is legitimately there, but the sling is hidden.

Bell Canada is donating 5 cents to mental health initiatives from every tweet sent (#BellLetsTalk) every time the image I include here is shared on Facebook, and every time users text and make a long distance call. < learn more about the initiative and campaign here >

This is in no way, shape or form a sponsored post. This is, instead, a grateful opportunity from someone who has overcome and learned to cope with mental illness to spread recognition to those who may still be uneasy speaking about it or pursuing medical attention. More still, it is intended to provide awareness to a campaign that I believe strongly in.

Now let's all go eat pancakes! because it's ALSO Shrove Tuesday !

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