Friday, August 10, 2012

What I read on Vacation....

At the Cliffs of Moher
Forgive the absence.... I was gallivanting around Scotland and Ireland the past few weeks and have had, like, two seconds to jump on facebook at the hotel or B and B and update my status on a shared computer with no space key.

Anyways, there are stories and pics to follow.  Sadly, just before I left, my BELOVED macbook, affectionately called Watson, died.  As I await my NEW macbook air , my blogging will be intermittent as I work sometimes on my work laptop ( macs are so much better for EVERYTHING)

anyways, whilst I was on planes and trains and in the moments in my hotel room when I returned from wanderings and was not fast asleep or watching the Olympics on the BBC, I read these books:

Some will get more detailed reviews:

The Selection by Kiera Cass 

The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

The Thistle and the Rose (hey! I was in Scotland!) by May McGoldrick

Through Rushing Water by Catherine Richmond

The Single Girl's To Do List by Lindsay Kelk (my sister bought in at the airport and I read it on the flight to Dublin)

The Rose of York by Sandra Worth

The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory

Around the World in 80 Dates by Christa Ann Banister  (the worst of the lot and one of those Christian books which insult the practice and intelligence... I'll rant about it later)

More pics to come, I am sure--- once I have my new mac :)

The Hop On - Hop Off Tour in Dublin!


Rissi said...

So glad you enjoyed The Selection, Rachel. :-)

Anonymous said...

SIngle Girls to do List was a really good book!
It kind of takes you on a journey that is relatable if you've had your heart ripped apart...and gives hope, but not in a cheesy way. The drama and heartbreak that she feels makes sense. It's a happy ending with rough patches. I recommend!

Rachel said...

hey anonymous, while i found the book a nice, fluffy plane read ( and certainly enjoyed the inclusion of the heroine's time in toronto), i found it a bit of a write-off and not very memorable, even for chicklit. i suppose it was partly because i didn't "buy" into the sudden makeover of our heroine: who went on a journey of self-discovery, or so it would seem, with little character development. and while i appreciated the peripheral characters ( such as her two lovely friends and their constant humour ), i had great trouble believing her ultimate romance as i gleaned no connection between the heroine and the hero. it's a nice, quick read .... but i was left very unmoved .... it was sort of run-of-the-mill to me. however, it was a GREAT upgrade from the I Heart New York and I Heart Paris books which I found just painful and hard to abide.... thanks for stopping by, though :) I am glad you found something to enjoy and that it spoke to you, even if i was left a little underwhelmed. this author shows some potential though which is why i keep seeking her out :)