Monday, March 28, 2011

The Nurse's Social Media Advantage by Robert Fraser

...And now for Something Completely Different.... If I know you and you write a book, I will write about your book on this here blog. I happen to know a guy who wrote a book. It's about nurses and the fortitude of social engagement, media and promotion to instill a sense of community and outreach while inspiring ideas, collaboration and community. Yes, this book may sound a tad esoteric for those of us out of his field; but for those in Robert Fraser's field, he is quite the thing.... Widely published and well-respected in the field of Nursing in Toronto and beyond, Fraser has optimized social media to engage in the subject most passionate to him and to his extensive academic study. From podcasts to innovative teaching, collaboration and research ( see Fraser's impressive background here), Fraser is utilizing the most creative outlets to speak to professionals in his field and beyond. ->Present and near-past events have presented with certainty the vital and groundbreaking platform Social Media can become when needed to propel and purport ideas into action. For those interested in how Social Media can be used in a myriad of areas--- including Nursing and Health Care, then Robert Fraser's new book is the prime option to start. You can purchase The Nurse's Social Media Advantage on amazon and read more about Fraser and his area of study on his website. Follow Rob on twitter and read his erudite and cited blog. well-played, Robert Fraser!

I love people who claim a vital space for themselves through research and perserverance


Robert Fraser said...

Thanks for this post. Really appreciate the support from friends at home. It is fun to see the book start to take on a life of its own, but it is great to remember it started with those I know first.

Thanks again,

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