Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well-played Lynn Austin

I am currently reading Hidden Places and, as per usual, am blown away by Austin's prose. She paints images with words I would never think of stringing together.

Pending a review of the sumptuous book ( I cannot get enough of it ...I am reading some paragraphs over again so I don't miss one well-situated word or phrase), I thought I would dedicate a whole entry to Lynn Austin.

I think I mentioned previously that even in the novels without strong starts ( I had trouble sinking into Until we Reach Home) she always wins me over with a moment I was never, ever expecting.

Here, they start at the beginning.

Here is Lynn Austin's website. Just buy the lot of her work. She has such a wide range and she is an incredibly beautiful writer.

p.s. Apparently they made a television film adaptation of Hidden Places with Shirley Jones (!!!) however, a synopsis assured me it strayed too far from the novel for my liking.

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