Friday, December 01, 2006


A Whitbread by any other name is still a Whitbread.

In adult territory, I was not at all surprised to see perennial favourites Mark Haddon and David Mitchell show up.

I was, of course, delighted that The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox graced the scene. Although it needs some editing, it is fresh and captivating and spookily unique.

Here are the YA nominees ( a splendid list indeed ):

Clay by David Almond
The Diamond of Drury Lane by Julia Golding
Set in Stone by Linda Newbery
Just in Case by Meg Rosoff

I read the David Almond in ARC form in the summer. Very creepy with a tinge of sci-fi.

Julia Golding remains a new favourite Diamond of Drury Lane and Cat Among the Pigeons are not only spirited to life by Cat's colourful narration but are peopled by the most intriguing characters of the 18th Century's theatrical world. Case in point, Cat's guardian is Richard Brinsley Sheridan ( you know, the one with all of the insults: " you mewling, mangy, puppy!" but, he keeps them in check here).

I have not read Set in Stone but am off to order it because it looks fascinating ...and historical....coupled with an art teacher and a governess!

Just in Case by Rosoff is one of everyone's most talked of this year. It keeps popping up on the Cybil's nomination list and Kat gave it a glowing review bestowing upon it five balls of yarn ( impressive indeed ), laying aside her obvious bias for the character's first name (we all know a good Justin ), and gushing:

"What a brilliant book! Explosive imagery, whimscal and serious, smart and incredibly heart wrenching, I couldn't put this book down. It was disturbing, but poignant. It had the "coming of age" feel to it, in a very unconventional way. I think I fell in love a little with Justin (David) and Boy. I found it totally believable, even though it's totally unbelievable. I must read her first book. You must too. Possibly now one of my favoutire YA novels to date. "

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

A tinge of sci-fi is almost sci-fi! I will have you reading sci-fi yet!

ducKy Boyd said...

I was QUOTED in your BLOG!!! Gee-whizz! If only you could see my grin!

Anonymous said...

I haven't kept up with YA books in years. When my daughters were in that category, I was on the lookout for good ones, but as they grew up, my interest waned. Lately, I've been exposed to a lot of YA titles and remembering how much I enjoyed books for this age group - this transitional age - because a good book is a good book whether YA or Adult and because readers are often lost during this period.

Thanks for the list and comments about some of them.