Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The only thing better than a startlingly good read, is a dazzling literary adaptation.

In most cases, gleaning their films from ITV and the BBC, Masterpiece Theatre does a tremendous job.

The last few weeks have been repeats (Carrie's War, Under the Greenwood Tree), but January dawns a new era of masterpiece!

First up The Virgin Queen: any one who has read even a snippet of Philippa Gregory will be on this one!

Jane Eyre: the fantastic adaptation ( I would love to hear opinions ) Court burned for me earlier this Fall.

The Sally Lockhart Mysteries: Long before I knew of the "His Dark Materials" trilogy, this little Victorianist was rampantly reading the ins and outs of Lockhart's mysterious London. I am very excited they have been filmed. Long Live Phillip Pullman.

Christmas is the time to drag out favourite past miniseries:

Pride and Prejudice
Foyle's War
Our Mutual Friend ( an absolute favourite of mine )
Anne of Green Gables
Horatio Hornblower
North and South

I own tons of them. What are your festive favourites?


Anonymous said...

Am looking forward to the Virgin Queen! Will also have to tell my mother that it's on, as she loved the book.

And, oh! Jane Eyre! Love! Will watch that for the thousandth time.

As for festive favourites... definitely Pride & Prejudice. And, if I'm in the mood, the cheesy BBC Narnia ones. Hurrah! (I'm in the mood for Anne year round, so I suppose she doesn't 100% count for a "festive favourite" sadly.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know. I'll be watching these.

Anonymous said...

These are my very favorites too. You know they are filming more Foyle's War. I asked Anthony Horowitz about it when he was signing my Alex Rider books.

I have not seen Our Mutual Friend. Yippee for Netflix.

Thank you so much for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching Horatio over the weekend, too!