Thursday, November 06, 2014

Giveaway: Heirs and Spares by J L Spohr

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One of my favourite reads this year was by FAR Heirs and Spares by the inimitable J L Spohr.

Such zest! such humour! such warm romance! such political intrigue. (read my review)

I have been waiting on pins and needles for the next book God and King which is available for pre-order right now!

J L Spohr is kinda one of 2014's best writing discoveries for me and I want to share the love.  She has been kind enough to offer a hardback copy of Heirs and Spares.

You can win it!

All I need you to do is share in the comments below why you want to read this fab book and promise (on good faith ) that you will tweet, facebook, tell a friend, tell a library about Heirs and Spares and God and King and you will have a good shot at winning.

There are fabulous religious and political tenets to the book and it is surged with the most perfect historical nuances.  I really believe all my kindred spirits will find something perfect therein.

It will for you become, as it was for me, the best of new book friends.

buy Heirs and Spares

pre-order God and King 

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Preet said...

I feel like I'm sort of cheating since I can't promise to read the book. I've actually already read it and LOVED it. I can however admit to wanting with a capital W, a signed copy. The paperback I bought is lovely, but compared to a SIGNED book by Herself, it just won't cut it.

I think J.L. Spohr is one of the undiscovered gems and love that I've found a blog/person that loves the book as much as I did!