Tuesday, January 21, 2014

that one time when fiction/fact blurred and ALL OF CUTTER GAP had twitter accounts

It is an interesting age to live in, cookies.

An age in which if you have ever felt the need to cathartically yell at a character who p*sses you off you can DO SO!

omg let' s just pretend this is their wedding

An age wherein MOST OF THE FICTIONAL CAST of "Christy" in an odd book/adaptation hybrid have taken to twitter and to, in some cases, recapping scenes in 140 characters.  The best part, all TRUE to each character's voice.

Now, I have read thousands of books in my lifetime ( no hyperbole. tis fact) and I have never hated any character more than I hate David Grantland.  Just irrational hatred. Doesn't matter what incarnation: book or television adaptation. David Grantland and I are not friends.  Before Twilight Heck--even after Twilight,  this is the best literary love triangle ever ( except it's more of a duo because David sucks). TRIVIA: Meg Cabot even shouts out to Christy and the dilemma of two men to win her hand in The Princess Diaries.

I hate David he is useless.

and now, thanks to the power of twitter and the devious and insane amount of fun I get from it, I can coax, cajole and bury David in words of *bitingly incendiary wit

(*I like to think they are bitingly incendiary and full of wit)

Whether you're on Team Neil or Team David ( wait. there is no Team David, is there?) or you think a social experiment wherein actual humans cloak themselves in fictional identities that, I think might actually entertain Catherine Marshall, welcome to Twitter--- Cutter Cap-style

There are several Christy Huddlesons on twitter ( also Anne Shirley and Jane Eyre, whodathunk); but this is the account I follow:

 ( written by a friend of mine) 
 (amazing. who ARE you )

I believe the same pitch-perfect voice at the helm of C_Hudd is responsible for Miss Alice and Neil MacNeill.

note: Neil MacNeill on twitter is the greatest thing to ever happen

second note: someone on facebook told me that they guy who plays Neil MacNeill is actually Australian and not actually Scottish. Which ruined my childhood.

If this makes any sense to you or amuses you whatsoever, ain't no PARTY like an S Club Party, know what I'm sayin'
third note: if the person who tweets as Neil would reveal her/themselves ( there is no way this is a guy. If it is, proposal to come shortly ) then we can all bask in your glory and follow your real-live twitter account ( irony intended)


Unknown said...

I think we should add accounts for the following characters:

Rob Allen
John Spencer
Bob Allen (they guy who dies in the pilot)
David's rude sister, her name is escaping me
Ruby Mae!
Little Burl
LUNDY and his freaky dad!

Rachel said...


Fairlight Spencer is amazing

I am not touching Margaret MacNeill. BOO HER

Unknown said...

Actually, wait, Bob doesn't actually die in the pilot. He almost dies. But he doesn't...because who saves him?? NEIL!

Amber Holcomb said...

I've had so much fun following Neil, David, Christy, and Alice on Twitter! This is such a clever idea. :) I, too, am curious about the person behind Neil's tweets - whoever it is, they're doing an awesome job!

And sooooooo much makes sense now knowing that you know the person playing David, LOL.

While he certainly has his faults and issues, I think there are times when we get glimpses of the authentic, trying-hard guy beneath that makes me like his character - at least in the TV series! :) (Like I said, haven't read the whole book yet!)


Rissi said...

Ha! Fun post, Rachel. It's c-r-a-z-y yet interesting to follow these beloved characters on Twitter. Makes me want to re-watch the show - I've forgotten SO much. ;)

Katherine Reay said...

This was so much fun. I remember that first comment when he popped on my screen -- it was like the show stepped into my life. "I now know Neil. How cool is that??"

Love that the dialogue and "hunt" is alive and well. And please don't tell me again he's Australian. I like living the Scotland dream too. :)