Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The This is All I have Time for 'Frozen' review

Dear Blog,

We need to have a talk about Frozen. It is ADORABLE and it more than passes the Bechdel test and the central relationship is not a romantic one and the singing is Broadway fantastic and it is basically the Disney version of Wicked (complete with Idina Menzel) and there are some lovely little twists and Olaf the Snowman might be the best side-kick since the Genie in Aladdin

And it is so freaking adorable I want to go back right now. Which won’t work because I am at the office doing important things

But, really…. It is high time you went and experienced the warm fuzzies for yourself. Guys, ‘tis clever! SO clever and brilliant and bright and charming and ENCHANTED

The end.


Virtual Advent said...
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Kailana said...

Sorry. Logged in with wrong account! Anyway, I really want to see this. It looks cute!

Rissi said...

Been really wanting to see this one, Rachel. It looks too adorable for its own good plus features some great vocal talent. :)