Wednesday, November 20, 2013

30 deep thoughts on 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries'

1.)    Miss Fisher knows EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG so is always at the scene of the crime  because there is always a crime
2.)    Miss Fisher knows EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG so she always knows someone who is somehow involved/witness to/victim of said crime
3.)    Miss Fisher is always wearing red lipstick; except when she is in bed when she is not
4.)    Jack is always like: You! Get outta here!  But, then he relents because he LOVES HER
5.)    Hugh is always amused by Miss Fisher
6.)    Miss Fisher is amused that Hugh is amused
7.)    Miss Fisher has “not taken anything seriously since 1918)
8.)    Dot is the Catholicest Catholic
9.)    Hugh is the Protestantiest Protestant
10.) Burt and Cec are…. Ernie and Bert, Aussie style
11.) I never understand who Jane lives with—Miss Fisher? Miriam Margolyes? Where
12.) Butler’s name is Mr. Butler. Obviously
13.) Okay seriously. When does Phryne have time for her obviously excellent exercise regime. Have you seen her arm muscles?
14.) I want Miss Fisher’s cheekbones
15.) These Australians –well the higher class professional ones, like Jack and Phryne, don’t really sound Australian
16.) Where is Miss Fisher’s money from?
17.) Miss Fisher hooks up with EVERYONE!  Because she knows everyone --- some of them in the biblical sense
18.) If Jack and Miss Fisher do not end up together married and happy, I will seriously consider ending my existence
19.) I don’t wanna read these books because there won’t be enough Jack
20.) The way Jack looks at Miss Fisher.
21.) The way Miss Fisher looks at Jack
22.) The way Miss Fisher says Jack’s name
23.) The way Miss Fisher nonchalantly shrugs: “ I was attacked” and Jack is flummoxed and so concerned; but it passes over his face like a momentary shadow
24.) The shoes
25.) Her shoes
26.) Jack’s shoes
27.) Her HAIR!
28.) She  can fly a plane and scale a wall and her nails are perfect and she is always beautiful and brilliant
29.) Miss Fisher has a glossy sheen. Her whole being.
330.They had better kiss and get married


Unknown said...

Oh I can answer #16! Per the 1st book, Miss Fisher's money comes from the fact that her father (a younger son) inherited the family fortune in England after everyone ahead of him in the inheritance died in the Great War...

Kailana said...

Good stuff! Sounds like something for me. :)