Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm a Les Miz Junkie

I'm kinda a Les Miserables junkie. I've seen it a billion times: in Toronto (where I live and often with Colm Wilkinson as Valjean ), on Broadway, in London's West End.  I am still trying to convince the world that multiple viewings is a sound financial investment.

I love it!  So the new production just had its opening night in T.O. last night starring the amazing CANADIAN! (holla!)  Ramin Karimloo and while I wasn't there, I have three trips planned in the near future ... so it's good to hear that the reviews are good:

Here and here and here 

isn't our friend Ramin a dish? the best-looking JVJ ever!

Apparently this revamped version is heading to Bway soon.   In other optimistic news, Cameron MacKintosh is going to re-mount my other favourite Miss Saigon which is long overdue. Because, honest to pete, my most recent experience with this show ( I'm a junkie for this, too) in 2010 was really scaled back.  Hopefully, it remounts splendiferously.  Long live the 80s/ 90s renaissance of musicals!


Unknown said...

I've been once already (day 3 of the previews) and going again with co-workers in November. Looking into a friends-group booking late October if you're up to yet another viewing of the show! - Carmen

Anne Mateer said...

Ah, yes. The Les Miz junkie. Hubby and I have seen it too many times to count (wish we'd seen it in London, but had elementary aged kids so chose Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on that trip instead) and spent money out the wazoo to get good seats every time.

Add how many times we've listened to the full thing on CD or watched the concert versions and it's almost obscene! :)

Gina said...

Multiple viewings IS a sound investment! Doesn't everyone know that?