Friday, April 27, 2012

Ode to My Book

hi book, i am jubilant.... i want to write your name with pink pen in my binder and draw hearts all around it, i want to say your name over and over again in dulcimer tones, i want to look up dulcimer to see if i used it correctly in a sentence, i want to imagine our white picket fence, i want to swing with you in a hammock. by a lake. with a picnic nearby. book, there is something about you that skips my heart beat, pounds a little delightful hammer in my stomach, that makes my breath go "oop!" and catch somewhere in my throat. i equate you with sunshine and lollipops, you're a rainbow-studded,gold-embossed,skittle-taste of adoration. book, you and i were meant to be. in that epic 'casablanca' type of way. compatible? damn right we are. book, sweep me up and hot air balloon me away.


Unknown said...

This makes me so happy. :)

ducKy Boyd said...

Methinks you mean "dulcet" tones.

A "dulcimer" is a stringed instrument related to the guitar. So, you basically said you want to say book over and over again in "guitar" tones.

Whereas "dulcet" is an adjective meaning "sweet" "harmonious" etc., coming from the french word "doucet" which means "sweet".

There. Done.