Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another blockbuster adaptation...

I know I never reviewed The Hunger Games on the bloggie here. I read the first book about 4 years ago and the subsequent two; but by then everyone was talking about them and I didn't feel I had anything to add to the pot....

This past week, I re-read the first book ( again I say, four years since I read it ) so that I could refresh my memory before I saw the film with friends yesterday.  It is a good book.  It is VERY fast-paced. It is a grade 8 teacher's dream-book for thematic enterprise.... characterization is great, even in minor  characters. DYSTOPIA FOR THE WIN.

The film: The film PROVES how strong an adaptation can be when the author of the novels works on the screenplay and consults on the script. Although this world was slightly different than the one I had in my head ( this is what happens with fantasy, n'est pas?) this is an EXCEPTIONAL adaptation. Friends who had not read the books, missed some of the major romantic elements and a lot of Katniss' motivations, as we are bereft of her dialogue in the novels and the inner workings of her strategic mind.... I, however, thought it was strong.

Also, because, as mentioned, I have never jumped on the "let's all blog about the Hunger Games" ship, I am Team Peeta.

And with that..... go forth and film watch.

[I'm not even linking to the books or imdb. You all know what this is.  You are inundated with it. I don't need to give you background information]

oh also..... Gale is ridiculously miscast in my opinion. But, I am not on his team, so who cares?


Marg said...

I am Team Peeta too but for me it was Peeta that was not the best casting! It took me a while to come around to it!

Kailana said...

I am not entirely Team anything... I am always so strange! I do want to see the movie, though.