Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inevitable Promo Post for "Empire of Ruins"

Thanks to our friends at Harper Collins Canada, I got my hands on a copy of Empire of Ruins! Everyone knows I love promoting Arthur Slade on le blog because it is fun to do and he makes me laugh… AND (and probably MOST importantly) he is from Saskatchewan: province-extraordinaire.

Just an FYI that this is officially published on March 1, 2011( according to Amazon) and yes! … you should be pre-ordering it NOW (should: meaning FIVE MINUTES AGO ALREADY!)

Here! I’ll help you.

You can order it here

Or here

And then you can read about it here

And…LOOK! someone blogged about it keenly in December here

As far as I gather there is...
-Mr. Socrates
-steampunky stuff
-steam and punk
-Victorian-style adventure
-lots of consonance and pitch-perfect descriptives ( it’s an Arthur Slade novel)

Canadian Authors ROCK! I support them and so should you!

Indubitably, I’ll have more to say about this later….

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Kailana said...

OH NO! I totally missed this book release. I just bought books the other day, too and could have included this one. Now I have to wait. :(