Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blogging For Books: Beneath A Southern Sky ( Deborah Raney)

NOW THIS is a fun blog tour! A grab bag of goodies from the Value Fiction WaterBrook is promoting to help us through bleak March days!

From the Publisher:

Beneath a Southern Sky by Deborah Raney – Daria Camfield is expecting her first child when her husband Nate is reported dead on the mission field. Devastated, she returns to the States and soon marries again. But two years later Nate is found alive in the jungle. How can Daria possibly choose between he two men who love her?

My take:
Beneath a Southern Sky by Deborah Raney is a contemporary romance featuring a headstrong woman faced with the most difficult dilemma of her life: new love with the man she has married having been widowed in Columbia or renewed love with the man she initially married, long thought dead, who has suddenly come back to life.

The harrowing opening chapter preludes Daria’s difficulty and ropes you in to find out whom she will chose, how, and what life journeys she will learn along the way.

Deborah Raney is a prolific Christian writer whose Vow to Cherish was adapted into an acclaimed made-for-tv movie. Her grasp of human emotions and her longing to portray the complexities of the human heart is quite pronounced here.

Raney also shakes the usual Christian fiction conception of love: something sought after, found and tied up nicely with a ribbon. Instead, love is found in a very unexpected way and coupled with a sacrifice of immeasurable proportion that will shake all characters with its ramifications for years.

A tightly plotted and deftly-woven yarn outside of the genres I usually read in the Christian industry. Thanks to our friends at WaterBrook for passing this along

I recommend finding a copy quickly--- especially because WaterBrook has such fabulous bargain fiction up for grabs!

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