Saturday, May 09, 2009

WaterBrook Blog Tour: Enduring Justice by Amy Wallace

publisher: WaterBrook

When I first saw this book, I wondered what it had to do with a Mother's Day tour: obviously the story, at first blurb, seemed not to correlate.

Enduring Justice is a book about love, justice, vengeance, forgiveness and healing and I reconciled myself to the fact that any story about a strong woman with a strong family and a possibility of redemption flows well with the ageless theme of mothers and their immediate resonance of love.

I have heard Amy Wallace compared to Dee Henderson, and if you enjoy thrilling, fast-past narratives with lightning action and a bit of romance on the side, then this is the perfect read for you.

Hanna Kessler ( the heroine of the two previous Defender's of Justice series: neither of which I have read), must face demons and confront issues of trust when a past incident resurfaces.

A deeply Christian novel, Wallace does well at combatting difficult issues such as rape, racism, pornography and child molestation. She does in a manner deeply-rooted faith and the reader knows that the light she sheds is a portal through which she is transposing God's Grace from reality to a fictional story. Wallace does well to show perspectives from both the heroine and criminal perspective.

In a poignant author's note at the end, Wallace reveals her own history of rape.

Her novel is a gripping message tied up in thrilling fiction.

Visit here to find out where you can get a copy of Enduring Justice and Amy Wallace's other novels online.

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