Saturday, December 01, 2007


Well, "new" isn't quite the word we are looking for, for obvious reasons (posthumous writings of novels have been known to be difficult. Though, I bet Arthur Conan Doyle believed in them ).

Anyways, 'tis a reprint from 1954 and entitled The Road to Samarcand and yes, most action is aboard ship!



Georg said...

Bonjour Rachel,

Are you sure this book is worthwhile to read? I mean, if PoB did not publish it during his lifetime, it's a fair bet he considered it not good enough.

I have been reading about 10 Aubrey-Maturin stories and intend to buy some more for Christmas.


Georg said...

Bonjour Rachel,

Thanks for your answer, right on my blog.

I'll do what you suggest and stick to the remaining 10 volumes of the Audrey-Mathurin series.

Cheers to you in freezing Canada,


Anonymous said...

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Claire said...

Hello, I've tagged you for a meme at my blog Letters to the World. :)

Carl V. Anderson said...

I have to admit, feeling somewhat guilty, that I just watched the movie Master and Commander for the first time recently...and I loved it. Watching the extras and hearing people discuss PoB's books makes me really want to give them a try!